International - transcultural experiences

Heinrichs professionalism: I see my role as a transcultural consultant, coach, trainer, moderator and process facilitator for organizational, management and network development in small and multinational enterprises, public sector reforms, and NGOs. Strengthening capacity development in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Always striving to convey the confidence that solutions can be found or helped to shape by people themselves. Openly sharing and offering my practical experience, know-how from around 30 years of consulting and personal learning Sometimes ‘holding up a mirror’ to people and organizations, helping them to understand different cultural patterns. Sometimes as a ‘midwife’ supporting the birth of new ideas, and always with an open and sensitive ear for people’s concerns and potential of diversity.

My business partners and customers honor my ability to:

  • Analyze complex intercultural situations
  • Understand main factors, interdependencies within processes in organizations and groups
  • Enable and support people in developing constructive, creative and practical solutions for their unique situations
  • Stay calm, motivate and inspire people to solve their own problems in an appreciative way

 My mission: As a facilitator, my goal is, to support the development of my partners by supporting their abilities to effectively use their resources and strength towards achievement of their own goals and visions. The collaboration process is based on defined goals, clarified contracts, defined responsibilities as well as a common understanding of sustainable and inspiring values.

Foci: Empowering individuals and organizations to drive their own actions forward in the sense of Capacity Development.
Coach for Executives/ Project managers / AV’s. Change Management expert in multistakeholder approaches, Workshop Facilitator for intercultural collaboration. Team-Coach in transcultural contexts, fire worker for conflict management in complex systems

Regional experiences:
Enterprises: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, UK
Nonprofit Organizations: GTZ/GIZ/AIZ Cameron, Egypt, Jordanian, Laos, Pakistan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Zimbabwe

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